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Seamless vector patterns Blue, Green Geometric

Seamless vector patterns Blue Green Geometric

Seamless vector patterns Blue Green Geometric
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Seamless repeat pattern in vector format

Some blue and green geometrical elements. They should be nice for boat or sailing themes.

Download Information
Seamless vector patterns Blue Green Geometric
Format EPS10/JPG
Amount 8
Dimensions 400 x 400 px (vector files can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution)
Installation You need a vector editor to use the .eps files (such as Adobe Illustrator). Open in Adobe Illustrator and go to Swatches.
Use Personal and Commercial Use
Please note The purchase of this pattern set allows you to use it for personal and commercial purposes without the requirement that you give credit to Patterrific.


1. You can not sell any Patterrific products as is (as set, as template, as part of a catalogue).
2. All copyrights remain with Patterrific.
3. Graphics can not be altered or added to and be claimed as your own.

About seamless patterns

Seamless patterns can easily be used to create your unique web design, prints, scrapbooks or textiles. Define the downloaded jpg as a pattern (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) and you can fill any shape with it.
If the pattern is too large for your needs you can easily change the size of the pattern. Click here to learn how to scale your pattern in Photoshop
And did you know you can even paint with patterns?


  1. Dear Sabine.

    thank u so much for your reply!

    i switched the navigator for mozilla & then i started to download…i was using safari don’t know what could happen

    thank u soo much again!


  2. Hi Checho,
    Thanks so much for the comment!
    I’ve checked the download link and everything worked fine. Please notice that it is an .ai file and you find the patterns in the swatches panel. If there still are problems I will send you the file per email.
    All the best,

  3. Hi!

    thank you soo much for this amazing web site!

    i just wanted to notice that this set can’t be downloaded, the link is corrupted or has some kind of trouble, when you try to download it takes you to another page & doesn’t starts the downloading process.

    can your try to check this? would be great because this is one of the best sets u have here.

    loved the site, a lot of patterns (incredible made)

    thank u again!

    Regards from Chile


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